About Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality assurance requires the members of an institution to be committed to a culture that values quality and prizes continuous improvement in every aspect of management. CUHK, which is renowned for its high educational standards, exemplifies its commitment to quality with an established programme validation mechanism that requires proposals for new programmes to be submitted for approval to gain the full support of the University.

At CUHK, new Sub-degree, Professional and Continuing Education Programmes (SPCEP) must go through a series of stringent validation processes. SPCEP at HKQF Levels 1-6 are validated by the Senate Committee on SPCEP.

All programme proposals must first be reviewed and endorsed by the respective Faculty Boards, and must undergo any reviewing or endorsement procedures that may be required by the respective Faculty Boards before submission to the Senate Committee on SPCEP for vetting and recommendation. Programmes that are offered by the School of Continuing and Professional Studies must also consult the relevant faculties or departments within the University through the Senate Committee on SPCEP before presenting their proposals at a meeting of the Senate Committee on SPCEP. Programme proposals that are endorsed by the Senate Committee on SPCEP are forwarded to the Senate Academic Planning Committee (APC) and the Senate for final approval. Any subsequent revisions must go through the same procedure. These processes ensure that programmes reach the academic standards that are prescribed by the University.

Existing programmes are subject to regular reviews, which include evaluations at the departments or units that offer the programmes. The graduation list of award-bearing programmes must be approved by the Senate Committee on SPCEP before the conferment of awards to students.